Pull Caff´e is a heritage brand that celebrates the art of historic coffee roasting using wood fire on a
100 year old Cast iron German coffee roaster.

The infused flavors of alder, cherry, and maple wood combined with barrel aging,
not only enhance the essence of the bean, but ultimately create an experience like no other.  

Pull Caff has revived the traditional coffee blends of the late 1800’s.  
The genuine blends are ideally balanced for all coffee brewing methods including espresso.

 Pull Caffe celebrates the time honored craft of “vacuum packed canning”
to preserve the ultimate freshness of the beans.

Pull Caff'e is available in retail 8.8 genuine metal cans as well as bulk 5 lb packaging .

Pull Caff'e blends available are:

Maplewood light blend, Alderwood mixed blend, Cherrywood dark blend and Applewood med decaf blend.

Please contact by email or phone  if you are interested in purchasing  Pull Caff'e coffee for your home or business.

 pull@pullespressomachines.com 360 686-3643