Italian, dual spring high polished

chrome lever brew group with direct to

boiler connection for the most stable heat

transfer and fully adjustable pre infusion.

USA Crafted Hand turned American walnut Pull

lever handles finished in hand stitched, 

Italian full grain leather

Italian, brass sight glass with manual fill lever.

Italian dual steam and water pressure gauges.

Italian, level control box, Parker solenoid and

Siria pressure switch.  2 bolt flange

1500 /4000 watt heating element.

Italian crafted Polished Italian 6 and 15 liter

99% pure copper boiler silver brazed direct to the

lever group for the most stable temperature finished

with an oven baked clear powder coat gloss finish.

American Made Wire harness with high temperature

fiberglass jacketed, silicone wire, tinned in high

conductivity nichrome with  high temp connectors.

American built, hand braised, internal copper tubing

with Italian BSP fittings.

Italian, cool touch stainless steel steam wands.

American made hand forged, frame is constructed

from heavy 1/8 plate and 1/8 inch welded angle iron 

with a three layer oven baked powder coated paint.

American made and polished, 304 stainless steel

body and jeweled pattern surfaces.

American made, hand crafted, dovetailed, solid 3/4

inch walnut body panels.

Vintage Edison accent lighting.

made  in the USA

Luxury espresso machines have a new name



Single head 1GR 110/120 volts 1500 watts

single, phase 3 prong plug 5 ft long cord.

Double head, 2GR 230 volts 4000 watts

single phase, 3 prong plug 5 ft long cord.


Minimum of 45 psi needed to operate and fill properly. 4 ft braided stainless standard 3/8 od compression water line.

Drip tray has 4 ft flex line 5/8 line needs to be connected either dishwasher style P trap or floor drain or approved gray water tank.

Size specs

Single head, 1GR 19 inches wide and 22 inches deep 21 inches tall not including pull lever  handle (including handle 33 inches tall)

Double head, 2GR 33 inches wide 22 inches deep 21 inches tall not including pull lever handle (including handle 33 inches tall).

Pull commercial lever espresso machines are made using genuine Italian parts.  Every detail of Pull lever operated espresso machines are used for producing  authentic espresso.  Pull commercial espresso machines are hand made in the USA one at time, like no other espresso machine produced in Italy. 

There are reasons why commercial espresso machines currently being made in Europe are not manufactured to last a lifetime .  Many manufacturers of commercial espresso machines have one goal and that is to sell their product, as well as provide replacement parts which allows them to inflate prices based on the life of the machine.

 Pull espresso machines believe that making the best espresso should be most important when building espresso machines.  That is why Pull commercial espresso machines only build lever operated manual espresso machines.  High technology cannot compete with the timeless traditional hand pulled espresso.  Pull manual espresso machines are manufactured with high grade materials so that they will last a lifetime and will be pasted on to further generations to come.  Pull lever espresso machines believe in building authentic espresso machines with quality in mind not quantity.