Pull commercial lever espresso machines are made using genuine Italian parts.  Every detail of Pull lever operated espresso machines are used for producing  authentic espresso.  Pull commercial espresso machines are hand made in the USA one at time, like no other espresso machine produced in Italy.  

There are reasons why commercial espresso machines currently being made in Europe are not manufactured to last a lifetime .  Many manufacturers of commercial espresso machines have one goal and that is to sell their product, as well as provide replacement parts which allows them to inflate prices based on the life of the machine.

 Pull espresso machines believe that making the best espresso should be most important when building espresso machines.  That is why Pull commercial espresso machines only build lever operated manual espresso machines.  High technology cannot compete with the timeless traditional hand pulled espresso.  Pull manual espresso machines are manufactured with high grade materials so that they will last a lifetime and will be pasted on to further generations to come.  Pull lever espresso machines believe in building authentic espresso machines with quality in mind not quantity.

Question?  Is it easy to make an espresso on a Pull Espresso Machine, compared to standard

electronic, semi automatic or automatic espresso machines? 

Answer, Yes!  It's just as fast and just as easy as any other commercial espresso machine.  The truth is most of your time will be spent steaming milk when preparing drinks not pulling espresso shots.  But besides that, Pulling a lever down will only take a few seconds longer than pushing a button.  Our own tests has proven that even the highest volume cafes, restaurants or even drive-thru's can perform just as well as any electronic, semi auto or automatic commercial espresso machine. 

Question?  Are Pull Espresso Machines just as consistent as other electronic espresso machines? 

Answer, Yes!  Pull Espresso Machines are in fact more consistent than electronic semi automatic and Automatic espresso machines because they draw an exact volume of water into the piston chamber and Pre-infuse or

( Pre-wet) the coffee much better because it floods the piston chamber with multiple jets gradually increasing the pressure from 0 to 130 psi very slowly.  Electronic pump driven espresso machines only infuse with a single pin hole jet and deliver hot water from 0 to 130 all at once without much pre-infusion.  This pre-wetting insures an even saturation of water in the coffee and as a result produces a much better quality espresso drink when compared to other electronic espresso machines.  Because Pull Espresso Machines do such a great job of

pre-infusing the brewing increases drink consistency and extraction performance.  Pull Espresso Machines have much less frequent grind changes that plague semi automatic and automatic espresso machines suffer from greatly.  Using a Pull Espresso Machine in your establishment results in less coffee waste because you won't need to adjust the grind of the coffee as frequently.

Question?  Are Pull Commercial Espresso Machines really manual espresso machines? 

Answer is No.  When the first lever machines were invented in 1947 the manufacturers wanted to improve upon the non automatic steam driven machines by introducing the first automatic lever piston espresso machines that delivered an exact amount of water for each espresso shot.  Pull Espresso Machines utilize simple gaskets and springs compared to automatic espresso machines being produced today without complex flow meters, electric pumps, motors, electronic, touch pads, computers, scales, relays, and solenoids that will eventually fail within a short amount of years.

Question?  What about temperature control and consistency?  Are Pull Commercial Espresso Machines just as temperature stable?

Answer is Yes.  The technology that Pull Espresso Machines use is although much lower tech, but actually works even better than the best PID computer controlled double boiler espresso machines or multi boiler commercial espresso machines being manufactured today.  Pull Espresso Machines use the thermodynamic properties of thermal mass.  The idea is the larger body of mass which in Pulls case is a large 22lb chrome plated, solid brass stainless cylinder wall and a direct group to boiler flange that is hand silver braised direct from the lever head to the large copper boiler.  This larger amount of thermal mass and high heat conductive material, not only transfers the temperature with more stability, but also maintains its heat at an improved constant rate.  Hand made Pull Espresso Machines are superior when compared to mass produced electronic commercial espresso machines that only employ a light duty 1 to 3lb brass/stainless heads and light copper tubes to transfer the hot water from the boiler.  Many things are considered when we chose building materials for Pull Commercial Espresso Machines.  We chose the best metals such as brass for the brewing groups and pure silver braised copper for the boiler for its superior heat transfer and superior thermal stability.  All of Pull lever Espresso Machines uncompromised  building materials result in better heat stability and ultimately a more consistent  espresso.

Question?  How long will a Pull Commercial Espresso Machine last?  Will I need to eventually replace my Pull Lever Espresso Machine?

Answer is No. The incredible truth about Pull Espresso Machines is, as long as you, the owner of a Pull machine maintain basic and inexpensive easy to perform routine maintenance such as gasket changes and filter/ softener changes at the recommended times. Pull espresso machines quality and timeless style will last decades . When compared to semi automatic espresso machines and automatic espresso machines that only have an average lifespan of 5 to 10 years due to electronic failure and or obsolete technology features. After over 30 years and research in the espresso machine business Pull espresso machines are not only handmade one at time but also the very finest materials some modern and traditional are incorporated into the uncompromised construction to last a lifetime. Pull Commercial espresso machines never go out of style and never go out of dateand benefit from one of the highest resale values.

Why Pull Commercial Espresso Machines ?